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Charles Perry Ball Puzzle

Charles Perry Ball Puzzle 200

This timeless treasure of mathematical art is a favorite among puzzle aficionados. After a long absence from the marketplace (and some astronomical prices for vintage copies), we are proud to announce that our diligent pestering of the Perry family has resulted in a brand new production run of the famous Charles O. Perry Ball Puzzle, originally created in 1967.
Perry was a sculptor and designer known for creating monumental structures with elegant forms imbued with mathematic complexity. This puzzle features the same harmonious blend of aesthetics and engineering, yet it fits in the palm of your hand.
Thoughtful details elevate the design to a piece worthy of the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. Truncated burr pieces interlock to create a rounded exterior, the solid brass rods are heavy in hand, and the solid key piece features a sprung ball bearing that “locks” into place once the puzzle has been solved. One of the finest examples of the intersection between puzzles and art, the Perry Ball deserves a place of honor in any collection of curios.