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Duotone Camera Strap . Off Grey

Duotone Camera Strap . Off Grey 185£

We hang on to our cameras - they are an extension of our creativity. We love to take our Leica on the road with us capturing everything from the streets of New York to the snowy peaks of the Austrian alps. On top of this we take all our product photos in-house. It’s fair to say our camera is never further than an arms-length away.
What sets it apart
A hardgraft design classic that can be spotted from afar without being flashy. It features a unique design balancing act of two contrasting leathers, working in harmony. The camera strap includes metal split rings with a diameter of one cm and works with most cameras. The length is adjustable from ca. 120 to 130 cm (47” - 51”). Camera hangs ca 58cm from neck. Made in Italy.